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Important IL SOAR Documents


Below are some common forms and tools that SOAR Providers in Illinois will need. There is a light description underneath the heading of each section. Click on the heading to be linked to the pdf of the desired document in order to download it.

Illinois Modified SOAR Process Guide

While the free online SOAR class gave you the general knowledge necessary to complete a SOAR application, this document will give you a step-by-step guide on the specifics of the Illinois SOAR process. This is a 2-paged, must-read for Illinois SOAR Providers.

If you have already established a working relationship with your local Social Security Administration, then continue to work with them as you did before this document. Also, please contact the IL SOAR Coordinator to discuss your already established process.

Supplemental to the Modified SOAR Process

This document provides additional information and forms to supplement the modified process.

SOAR Initial Application Checklist

This is the cover sheet produced by the National SOAR TA Center you will use for your SOAR Packet. Print off a new one for every case and use it to make sure you have everything you need for a successful SOAR application.

Medical Summary Report Template & Guide

This is a helpful how-to guide for the Medical Summary Report (MSR). Produced by the National SOAR TA Center–This guide shows you how to format a  MSR and gives helpful suggestions on interview questions that will help you feel out the MSR.

Appointment of Representation Form (SSA-1696)

The Appointment of Representation Form is the form the Social Security Administration (SSA) uses that allows you to act for your client during the disability determination process.

Authorization to Disclose Information (SSA-827)

The Authorization to Disclose Information is a SSA form necessary for the disability determination process to move forward. Without signed copies the SSA cannot process the case.

For your purposes this form–in conjunction with your organization’s own disclosure form–allows you to request your client’s medical records from various institutions.

SSI Application (SSA-8000)

This is the SSI Application from the SSA that you will need to fill out with your client. During the SSI interview, you and your client can use it to help.

SSDI Application (SSA-16)

This is the paper version of the online SSDI Application. You will need to fill out this paper copy with your client and use it to fill in the online form. The questions will not appear in exactly the same order and the Adult Disability Report will also be a part of this online process.

Adult Disability Report (SSA-3368)

This is the paper version of the online Adult Disability Report. You will need to fill out this paper copy with your client and use it to fill in the online form. The questions will not appear in exactly the same order and the SSDI Application will also be a part of this online process.

Work History Report (SSA-3369)

This is your opportunity to explain your client’s past work. It asks for specifics about your clients work history and how it relates to your clients disability. It should be noted that this form focuses more on the physical nature of the labor, so it can be difficult to demonstrate how a client’s mental disabilities impacted their previous employment. Your MSR and/or Function Reports are helpful in those cases that predominantly involve a mental disability.

Function Report–Client Version (SSA-3373)

This is the non-third party Function Report. The Function Report is designed to allow your client to explain how their disability impacts their life and ability to work. It asks a variety of questions about daily activities and social functioning.
You can help your client fill out this report, but you cannot tell the client what they should write. If your client reports an inaccurate view of their current abilities on the Function Report, that is alright. You will use your Third Party Function Report to explain how and why your client’s Function Report is inaccurate.

Function Report–Third Party Version (SSA-3380)

The third party version of the Function Report asks all the same questions as the client version, but it is from the perspective of the SOAR Provider and/or people close to the client. It is especially important to fill out this form if your client—due to their disability or other issues—inaccurately fills out their own function report. However, even when the third party and client versions report the same limitations, a third party Function Report works to strengthen the client’s claims.

Medical Report for Adult with HIV (SSA-4814)

If you are working with a client that is HIV positive, then you will need to fill out this supplemental Medical Report for Adult with HIV.


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