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dupage_soarDuPage County is currently in the middle of SOAR revitalization efforts.

A cohort of case workers made up of several nonprofits agencies and the DuPage County Health Department have recently undergone SOAR training. Those organizations with trained SOAR Providers are screening their clients for potential SOAR cases. Some organizations are working on SOAR cases today.

Local SOAR Leads in the DuPage County Health Department are working with community partners, the IL SOAR Team, and the SOAR TA Center to make sure that recent revitalization efforts have a lasting, positive impact on the local community.

SOAR efforts in DuPage County are ongoing so stay tuned for new information.

Find DuPage County organizations with SOAR Providers as well as SOAR news, tips, and information specific to DuPage County in the drop-down menu.


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